Day 1

Course 1001 - Five Degrees of Perspective on NYS Residency

Tuesday, November 10 @ 8:00 AM
(2 TAX CPE) (2 CFP) (2 CLE)

Karen J. Tenenbaum, Esq., LL.M. (Tax); Marisa Friedrich, Esq., Eliot H. Lebenhart, CPA, Eric Donner, ChFC, CExP, CAP, CLU, Jonathan D. Mariner

Taxpayers who own or rent residential property outside New York State and continue to maintain a home in New York State or New York City may be targets for residency audits by the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance. Through this program you will receive a unique insight from five different perspectives on NYS residency: NYS Department of Taxation and Finance, the tax attorney, the CPA, the multistate businessman and a tax planning concierge.


Course 1002 - Estate Planning After the 2020 Presidential Election: An Initial Reaction

Tuesday, November 10 @ 8:00 AM
(2 TAX CPE) (2 CLE) (2 CFP) (2 IRS CE)

Neil D. Katz, J.D., LL.M., CPA, Robert S. Barnett, CPA, Esq.

The estate, gift and GST tax rules, with the large exemptions that presently exist, have created an environment ripe for planning. How will the 2020 Presidential and Congressional Elections change that? Only a few weeks beyond the results, Neil and Robert will share their insight as to what the future holds for estate planning, highlighting the possible need for immediate action. In addition, no estate planning conversation would be complete without a focus on the many non-tax implications that also must be considered by your clients.

Course 1021 - Legal Dissection of Complex Estate and Medicaid Plans

Tuesday, November 10 @ 11:35 AM 
(2 TAX CPE) (2 CLE)

Aaron Futterman, CPA, Esq.

Necessary elements of complicated estate plans and Medicaid plans will be analyzed. Case studies used to demonstrate what can go right with planning and what can go wrong. This event includes the important legal changes coming to Community Medicaid October 2020. What will this mean for accountants, attorneys, and clients?

Course 1022 - Estate Planning & Asset Protection and How the Medicaid Game Has Changed!

Tuesday, November 10 @ 11:35 AM
(2 TAX CPE) (2 CLE) (2 CFP) (2 IRS CE)

Donna M. Stefans, Esq.; Marilyn Stefans, CFP, E.A., Henry Grabkowitz, E.A

This presentation will explore estate and asset protection planning documents in the face of the SECURE Act and CARES Act; including IRA protection and other important estate planning documents. Our discussion will also include an update on Medicaid and provide an understanding of the new difficult rules.

Course 1023 - Update on SSARS

Tuesday, November 10 @ 11:35 PM
(2 Accounting CPE)

Frank A. Gallo, CPA, Edward P. Caine, MBA, CPA, CFF, CITP, CGMA

We will review the current rules on the Compilations and Reviews. We will discuss any updates and what the standards require the accountant to document in their files when they do Compilations and Reviews.


Course 1031 - Cyber Security: Learn to Work Remotely the Secure Way

Tuesday, November 10 @ 1:35 PM
(1 SK CPE)

Dan Fusco, IT Consultant, InnerPC Computer Solutions

Cybersecurity is a huge issue for CPA’s. Your client’s data is valuable, and Cybercriminals want to steal it from you. In this seminar, you will learn how to protect your data by using secure applications.


Course 1032 - Smarter Social Security

Tuesday, November 10 @ 1:35 PM
(1 TAX CPE) (1 CFP RS-G53)

Daniel G. Mazzola, CFA, CPA, CFP

An AARP survey determined that only half of its respondents who were either married or who had ever been married were aware of the availability of spousal benefits. This presentation will provide a broad overview of the Social Security retirement benefits program with an emphasis on spousal and survivor benefits. Attendees will learn how to optimize these benefits and prudently integrate them into an individual/couple’s retirement plan.

Course 1033 - It’s a Different World

Tuesday, November 10 @ 1:35 PM
(1 TAX CPE) (1 CLE) (1 CFP)

Joseph T. Conley III, Esq., Bureau Chief of the Frauds Bureau, Queens County District Attorney’s Office

ADA Conley along with a representative of Department of Taxation and Finance will discuss state criminal tax laws, various steps in tax investigations, criminal and civil tax restitution and communications with the tax department in criminal investigations. This discussion will provide insight for tax professionals representing clients facing criminal investigation.

Course 1041 - 1040 Update Part I

Tuesday, November 10 @ 2:55 PM
(2 TAX CPE) (2 CLE) (2 CFP) (2 IRS CE)

Neil D. Katz, J.D., LL.M., CPA

These Sessions will cover the many Federal tax issues that have arisen during this difficult year of 2020. In addition to the Secure Act (passed in late 2019) and the CARES Act (passed in 2020 in response to COVID-19), the Federal Government has been busy addressing issues that still linger from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. During this seminar we will focus on these changes to prepare you for your planning discussions with your clients as their fiscal years come to an end and you ready yourselves and your clients for filing their 2020 individual returns.

Part 2 - Course 2041 - Friday, November 13th @ 2:55 PM

Course 1042 - Offer in Compromise

Tuesday, November 10 @ 2:55 PM
(2 TAX CPE) (2 CLE) (2 CFP) (2 IRS CE)

Beanna J. Whitlock, EA, CSA, RTRP

§7122 allows the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service to compromise taxes.

Participants will understand who should file an Offer in Compromise and the timing based on the case study approach.

Fees, timetable, commitments are part of the process before, during and after an OIC.

Course 1043 - Never Going Back Again: The State and Local Tax Consequences of a Virtual Workforce fr

Tuesday, November 10 @ 2:55 PM
(2 TAX CPE) (2 CLE) (2 CFP)

Harlan J. Kwiatek, CPA, JD, LL.M

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the changing nature of business and workforces in the COVID-19 economy
  • Recognize the state and local tax issues surrounding these changing work dynamics
  • Discuss these topics with your clients and prospects


Course 1051 - Trends in M & A of CPA Firms Including the Coronavirus Impact

Tuesday, November 10 @ 4:55 PM

Joel Sinkin, President, Transition Advisors

This webinar is for any firm considering a merger or acquisition, whether they are the buyer, seller, merger or "mergee."

  • Is it a buyer or sellers" marketplace?
  • Trends in dealing with COVID-19
  • Firm valuations
  • How partners are buying out partners
  • Trends in firm cultures
  • The role of mandatory retirement


Course 1052 - Bitcoin, Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies: Understanding These Technologies and Their Imp

Tuesday, November 10 @ 4:55 PM
(1 TAX CPE) (1 CLE)

Nicholas G. Himonidis, JD, CFE, CCFS, CCFI

This program will provide a basic understanding of how cryptocurrencies and blockchains operate and discuss their impact on financial investigations and forensic accounting; including tips and techniques on identifying their potential use, tracing transactions, and strategies to tie crypto assets and transactions to specific individuals / entities.


Course 1053 - Risk Assessment in the Non-Profit World

Tuesday, November 10 @ 4:55 PM
(1 Accounting CPE)

Jeff Weiss, CPA, Partner, Zelenkofske, Axelrod CPAs

Risks for not-for-profit organizations may cause losses in donors, employees, controls, management oversight and grants. We will discuss what risks should be assessed and what actions are recommended for not-for-profit organizations to mitigate those risks.