Concetta Spirio, Esq.

Courses: 2053

Concetta G Spirio, Esq. is an attorney with over 36 years of experience in diverse areas of law. She is a trained Collaborative Divorce Attorney and Mediator. While having practiced in traditional divorce litigation, it was her first-hand view of the financial and emotional devastation of divorce litigation to close family members that reoriented her view of the legal divorce process. Further as a member of the LGBTQI Community she recognizes the need for alternative processes outside the Court systems, where the traditional process does not serve this community or their families and can cause irrevocably harm to important relationships and inflict permanent financial damage. Concetta is dedicated to alternative processes that preserve the dignity, confidentiality and assets of the parties and protects innocent children and family members. Mediation and the Collaborative Process offers a path to a successful resolution of conflicts including divorce. 

Concetta provides experienced legal representation in the areas of: Divorce Mediation and Collaborative Divorce, Contested and Uncontested Matrimonial and Divorce Proceedings, LGBTQI Representation, Domestic and Family Law issues, Domestic Partnerships and Co Habitation Agreements, Pre Nup and Post Nup Agreements, Second Parent Adoption, Wills and Estates, Probate and Administration proceedings and Real Estate Resolving Conflict Outside of Court.