Access the Symposium

How to Access the ATS Conference

  1. Log into the NEST platform. If you haven't done this yet, find an email from "National Conference of CPA Practitioners <>" and press the "Access Event on Desktop" button within the email.

  2. Press "Schedule" on the menu of the NEST platform. This is within the left sidebar on desktop and within the menu at the bottom right on the mobile app.

  3. Click on the session title OR the time slot title if there are multiple sessions during the time slot (i.e. click on "8:00 AM Courses" title). If there are multiple sessions during that time slot, click on the name/title of the course that you'd like to attend to get into the individual course's information.

  4. Scroll down on the individual course's page, until you find Resources. You should see a description and speaker information, followed by a section called "Resources". Within Resources, click "Join Live Meeting- Use Same Email Address Used To Register".

  5. Type in your name and email address, and press the blue button at the bottom to enter the zoom call.

  6. Open Zoom and follow Zooms instructions.